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An Introduction to Spiritual Awakenings

Yoga, Chakras, Crystals, Meditation, Moon phases, tarot, druidry galore!

“Oh the places you’ll go!”

So what’s making these belief systems ore appealing and common to the modern human today?

I dream of a world in which more ethereal symbols seen in the “normal” advertisement and media presence.

Let’s be real, now a days it’s difficult to browse through Pinterest, instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and not see an element of the ethereal.

I’ve noticed an increase in crystals accompanying many skincare ads, Moon cycles are discussed on Pinterest, a notice in increase of Alchemical symbols as tattoos, The Alchemist by Paul Coehlo back on the shelves of the airport snack and book store, yoga advertisements, and meditation is now offered on Delta airlines entertainment!

This doesn’t however stop the masses from writing off the intangible. If you type in “what are chakras…” or “can you use crystals…” you will have the search engine start suggesting some nonsense.

Studies show that in the recent years the search engine volume for searching these beliefs has reportedly increased significantly. And to my delight, there’s seems to be many growing communities who have found spiritual belief systems to now complement their 21st century life.

I have a few guesses for what’s caused the increase:

  1. It’s legal to have spiritual beliefs and people are no longer burned at the stake for being so. Many individuals were judged and accused of “witchcraft” for having such beliefs.

  2. Factually the laws against witchcraft were repealed in 1736, however until 1951 fines and imprisonment could still be imposed on individuals who called to be able to use magical powers. Sadly those who engaged in the esoteric or anything outside of the norm were often persecuted and reprimanded for having those beliefs.

Operation Modern Doomsday

I personally believe the rise in popularity for spirituality and belief systems to the rise in the darkness of the world.

There’s an absolute correlation between the general instability about the future and now humans actually leaning into certain practices to find… BALANCE.

It’s Operation Modern Doomsday in the world right now.

With so much uncertainty, oppression, fear, anxiety, and violence, there is a natural gravitational pull towards practices that can provide SUPPORT, make you feel in control of your own BODY and MIND, and communities where you feel ACCEPTED for it.

Humans are turning to alternative modalities to gain a sense of security, stability, and relieve their anxieties the modern world brings.

Anxiety is on the rise.

The modern world has led us to feel the rise in anxiety, feelings of hopelessness around how an individual can be agent of positive change for such larger scales problems.

Like me talking about this subject to explain it to the masses, increase awareness, and change lives by educating others.

Naturally as a result of both the increase in stress and the hectic times we live in, we’re all craving a sense of belonging and more autonomy over our own li es and well-being that these ancient reassuring practices provide us.

“The universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper - Eden Phillpotts

The Issue:

There is a lack of any real statistics from the past, a growing population, and easier ways to quantify figures since most things are now happening on social media. There is also questioning in the veracity of the data.

I believe the modern day stress is turning many Millennials in particular to turn to spirituality.

In a world where we feel less and less on control of our future and what’s happening to us many turn to spirituality as a form of escapism and to harness these practices and reclaim some of our power back.

Think about it: when humans don’t feel they can find an orthodox or mainstream solution to what’s going on, through the conventional channels, they look for other options.

From personal experience I started my spiritual journey 6 years ago yet not till March 2022 did begin the real awakening. It started on YouTube.

It started with horoscopes, led me to tarot channels that resonated with my circumstances, then suddenly a year later it’s led me to be a member of spiritual communities, Pastors, Evangelists, and more prophetic channels and communities.

Spiritual awakenings are meant to lead you to the Divine, God, Abba, Allah.

We’re sort of in a spiritual insurgence right now. Similar to the counterculture rebellion “against the man” in the 1960’s.

In comparison see it as alternative spiritual practices and beliefs now being the symbolic form of a revolt against traditional religion and the political, economic, and social injustices were facing in the world today.


Except, this time in the age of the digital world, the “Information Age” is at the root of this. We have information at our tips. We can generate and share content on the internet has enabled previously to ostracize people to come together and for the true movement to begin.

Fortunately technology has brought these age-old practices to the masses.

In the 1800’s you’d have to venture out of the institutional norm to seek your natal chart, and now we have download an app to insert our time of birth and BAM!

I believe the fear of these practices usually stems from the fact that they were often used in secrecy.

Instagram and Pinterest creates a platform for us to have these tools at our tips.

Social media undoubtedly has had a profound role to play for this increase in spiritual beliefs as it’s created both the cause of and cure for modern stresses and the missing link to connecting like-minded individuals.

It’s a two-fold response where it enables us to communicate and learn from each other, but leave us feeling strangely disconnected and in need of alignment and grounding.

This feeling of societal solitude is sometimes linked to the decline of the traditional church western society.

Whether it was faith itself or the sense of safety and community that provided connection, it seems that a chasm has owned and some of us have filled it with less mainstream spiritual practices. It’s such as Prayer has had a rebrand.

Younger generations are also making a huge difference. Traditional religions are becoming less relatable and more patriarchal.

This has led to the failure of capturing the minds and hearts of the younger generations.

Coping mechanisms and alternatives

I’m left with a few questions I still need answers to:

  1. Will the popularity of non-mainstream spiritually owe as much to its position in the media spotlight as to genuine interest in different approaches to health and well-being?

  2. Will it become a trend?

The new spirituality movement is bringing in positive benefits and reaching whole new waves of people.

There could also be a link to people investing time in their physical and mental health using Yoga, meditation, and chakra balancing after work or to distress.

When it comes to the comforting element of these practices, opinion is divided about labeling them as “coping mechanisms”. 

Suddenly there is a label around individuals and a cynical view is developed for those waking a spiritual path as a “weakness”.

They are coping mechanisms. With the rise in technology, social media platforms, AI and other modern stress, they show us ways to find security within ourselves that we don’t need to seek or depend on from unpredictable external factors.

I say, “Go within to go without”.

The answers we seek are within us.

You can be everything and nothing with no judgement in trying out a whole spectrum of belief systems and self-care rituals, it’s just important to find what works for you.

They are ways to get our life in control when it feels out of alignment. I’m hoping that individuals will truly find what coping mechanisms work for them.

As a life and spiritual coach, I guide individuals on their journey towards personal growth, fulfillment, and spiritual alignment. Through a blend of empathy, intuition, and practical tools, I help clients uncover their inner wisdom, overcome challenges, and create meaningful changes in their lives.

Whether it's navigating life transitions, finding purpose, or deepening spiritual connection, I provide support, encouragement, and accountability to empower clients to live authentically and create a life they love.

Whether you're seeking clarity, healing, or growth, each session is tailored to your unique needs, providing a safe and supportive space for exploration and transformation. Take the first step towards a more empowered and fulfilling life—book your session today.


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