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All About the Chakras


The chances are you probably have heard of these before. You know that feeling where you think to yourself "Man, I just feel off today!" or "I don't feel aligned with myself, I can't explain it."

Well, most of us hear about the chakras and how they align every single one of us.

It is science, bro.

If you read my personal chakra healing journey and how it led me to finding my purpose, taking my power back in life, and WHERE I AM TODAY. Ya know, singing, dancing, painting, and making it a career. I want to break it down for you all and send the help that I had to spend weeks on the internet figuring out how to ALIGN MY DAMN SELF.

History of Chakras:

What are CHAKRAS? The word’s definition is “wheel of light” or in English it means “living my best life”. This word appeared first in Hindu texts many 1000's of years ago. Now in present day the wisdom of chakra healing has made it into tons of religions, philosophies of life, and lots of eastern and western medicine. But just like myself, you might have first heard this word when your chakras were all over the damn place and out of alignment. I’m here to break it down for you and let you know you don’t have to be a yogi or buy crystals to align your chakras and fix your energy.

Let’s talk about energy:

I’ll start with the basics of energy. We all have physical bodies that have their own energetic bodies too (yup). Our energetic bodies are fields of electromagnetic energy that surround and permeate us.

Some say this is how we step into the physical world and the realm of where energy and radio waves all come together. In our bodies these energetic bodies are connected to each other via spiraling energies that are the chakras. When our chakras are aligned, the energy vibrates at a higher frequency than solid matter that’s affected by sound, light, and other externalities.

When your chakras are aligned, they create a shortcut to healing your illnesses, relieving stress, and other physical deficits you may experience on the day-to-day.

So, if our chakras are “Gucci” or good, we will be too. Our energy system is really like an energetic subway system; if we can keep our main energetic ports operating as they should be, then the energy can flow through us freely and not leave us feeling discombobulated.


survival, being, roots, family, safety, abundance, basic human needs

  • When your Root chakra is right: life flows, and you trust catching those curve balls life throws at you. You grab the lemons life threw as well and make a margarita with tajin on the rim.

  • When your Root chakra is blocked: you are anxious, could feel depression, you feel you spend nights worrying and nothing goes your way.


creativity, sexuality, pleasure, needs, emotions, passion, inspiration

  • When your Sacral chakra is right: intimacy comes easy, your relationships are healthy, you feel inspired to go with the flow. The "Sunday Scaries" don't exist.

  • When your Sacral chakra is blocked: you feel sluggish, fearful of intimacy, shame, creative self-sabotage, and feeling unenthused


personal power, self-esteem, ambition, will, identity

  • When your Solar Plexus chakra is right: you feel as you are ruling the world, in a secure confident way and not in your EGO. You will be inspired to crush your goals and you feel secure in yourself.

  • When your Solar Plexus chakra is blocked: you feel unmotivated, unaccomplished, and unfulfilled.


love, trust, empathy, connection, compassion

  • When your Heart chakra is right: open heart = intimate relationships, easily forgiving, great communicator, no past trauma from relationships comes back to haunt you, you just want to give love to the world.

  • When your Heart chakra is blocked: insecurity from past trauma, you can't trust people, emotions are chaotic, you overthink.


  • When your Throat chakra is right: you are able to communicate authentically, have free and open expression, you are open minded, creative, and able to adapt to change.

  • When your Throat chakra is blocked: you may feel unheard, issues arise with expressing yourself, constant fear of being out of control, you are disconnected between your thoughts and speech, physical symptoms arise such as: thyroid issues, sore throats, neck and shoulder pain.


intuition, foresight, manifestation, awareness, dreams, imagination flows

  • When your Third Eye chakra is right: you are in tune with the energies around you. life seems clear. You are on top of the world. Synchronicities are being thrown at you all the damn time.

  • When your Third Eye chakra is blocked: dull thoughts, no dreams you can recall, no trust in your intuition, scatterbrained.

You can read more about the pineal gland (third-eye chakra) here.


enlightenment, consciousness, divine connection, oneness, whole

  • When your Crown chakra is right: you feel confident and secure in your purpose in life. you are feeling a connection to something bigger than what the physical world offers.

  • When your Crown chakra is blocked: disconnection in your life is consistent, feelings of loneliness, isolation, no purpose.


  1. Be patient with yourself.

  2. Don't push your body or self when its not comfortable.

  3. Seek a practitioner or Reiki Healer.

Take this 56 question Chakra assessment HERE:

I found this amazing website with the chakra assessment last year. It will show you the results in forms of percentages for each chakra.

My favorite way to balance myself out daily is through sound bowl baths.

Go within to go without.

NAMASTE, my friends.


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