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A powerful Spiritual Development practice requires steps (literally) .

Walk the walk and talk the talk to enlightment by getting outside and walking.

Fun fact: walking has been used a conduit for spiritual development for thousands of years and more recent visionaries like Steve Jobs also found it to be illuminating.

Science also explains why we can clearly see on a walk.

Aimlessly walking isn't aimless at all.

I walk 6 miles a day on a good day. Even when traveling I make it a point to walk. I also need it for my personal mental clarity and my connection with the divine.

I get the best downloads and creative ideas when walking.

The art of walking

There is an art to walking that we lost amid the advent of trains, planes, and fancy cars. Now for humans today learning to walk, is literally like learning to talk, it's one of the most fundamental skills we master.

Once this is accomplished the activity of walking is often taken for granted now.

What was once a milestone that took a millennia to accomplish now takes us a matter of months and is just a quickly substituted by every faster means of transportation to get from A TO B TO C.

In our busy day to get to our destination, becoming disconnected from one of the most formative and ancient aspects of ourselves, our peripateticism.

Think about it.... in the beginning of times, humans wandered around for thousands of miles from city to city.

Jesus Christ, for example fasted for 40 days and walked everywhere in the desert. Can you imagine that? Nobody would last.

Our ancestors walked everywhere. People didn't stop walking. In fact, once the veil of necessity: which was foods have been removed, walking, became a revered spiritual practice.

What was once the best practice of visionaries and mystics, in the recent decades, has now become a habit of the of tech mogueles in Silicon Valley.

Steve Jobs, for example, was notorious for walking the streets in Silicon Valley but also conducting walking meetings. Mark Zuckerberg now does those.

Science says that walking just three times a week for 30 minutes increases the production of dopamine, serotonin, and a key growth hormone called BDNF.

Science also says that walking enhances are immunity against infections and colds.

And the best part about walking is that science also says it helps boost inspiration and creativity.

Quite literally the action of walking, stimulates triggers and subconscious knowledge, then it brings all this to the surface.

Seems like science best visionaries from the past, and our present are all walking.

I guess we can call it the magic of walking,

it's just like meditation and breathing.

The rhythm of our own footsteps is just like breathing, it's a meditative beat of a drum, and it's enough to bring a chorus of realization.

To "inspire" in Latin means to "breathe life" into something.

"Solvitur ambulando = It is solved by walking

To add more street cred to walking: Buddha, in 500 BCE, would go for walks and fasted under trees, where he found enlightenment.

Jesus Christ, 500 years later, wandered through the desert for 40 days, where a voice notified him that he was God's beloved son and a massive shift in his self-identity was initiated.

After the prophets came the pilgrims.

To escape is the greatest of pleasures. Still we approach our own doorstep again. Still comforting to feel possessions, the old prejudices, fold us round; and the self

Many great spiritual, and existential thinkers, Artists, musicians, scientist, and thinkers have been avid Walkers.

There's joy in the simple things.

Find yourself by going within and walking the path.

Go walk.


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