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Becoming Nobody: Spiritually Awakening

I have reached a point in my spiritual awakening journey that I have fully removed "who I was", the persona society assigned me, the ego, and finally just Am.

It's a liberating feeling that makes me feel whole.

After removing people, things, and all habitual behaviors that didn't serve my highest good - I found me.

It all begins with accepting the truth that we as humans are here to suffer and evolve.

Here is the Wisdom I have acquired and earned through the last 12 months of evolvement.

Suffering is the clinging of your own mind.

The art is to see actions as evil, but not beings.

Learn to watch your drama unfold while at the same time knowing you are more than your drama.


You climb a mountain and follow a path; quieting your mind or opening your heart.

Going to church, singing, dancing, meditation etc - all of this pushes you and pushes you but you then become trapped in your methods.

You fall asleep in your actions.

You have to hear your own technique.

Not to be bugged about going back to sleep, that death allowed you to wake for a movement. Don’t hold onto an old dead butterfly.

The fact that you are asking that question, is the awakening process alone.

You have to stand back, one step further, and see your whole life; the awakening and going to sleep as one big awakening.

The dance that goes up and down.

The soul comes to the incarnation to learn something.

You learn best by involving yourself in the way, in the game of life.

Lovingly watching oneself with humor and love.,

Humor and love.

When you do the things that you do every day, all of it is the stuff you use to work on yourself, in order to increase the equanimity and to increase the compassion.

It all is exercise, your entire life is curriculum.

Everything you’ve got on your plate is where the stuff for your enlightenment is.

Its breathtaking when you step back and see the beauty of that design.

  • The pain

  • The gains

  • The losses

  • The adversity

  • The relationships that came and went

And you appreciate the perfection of the unfolding of it all including the suffering.

If you do this with your third eye, your heart = your human heart says “what kind of insensitive human are you?”

Just as we call out karma; instant karma.

But if you are in your heart center, the heart feels the immense suffering.

Its painful and it becomes too much to bear at times.

You have to fill your heart with what, who, and when.

You feel you need to do something to fill it.

When you come down to your human heart; it does hurt badly. The pain. The more you open up to the suffering of the universe - the easy way to handle it is to stay up. Instead of staying down and in the excruciating pain.

This is the rule of the game of spiritual practice.

Learning to trust one’s intuitive heart.

Learning to trust another way of knowing, other than the rational analytic process.

You start to respond to something in you that knows eve though who you think you are doesn’t know it knows.

Intuition is where our salvation lies.

Thinking is where our destruction lies.

We have thought our way into this peculiar situation where we are alienated from the earth and from each other. We get caught in greed; a product of the mind.

And each of us must stay true to ourselves to hear what our own unique way through, because if you get phony holy, it will kick your ass.

You need to stay true to yourself.

Enlightenment is the ego’s ultimate disappointment.”

That is the predicament in fact.

That you see your entire spiritual journey is an entirely different ball game than the one you thought you were on.

It’s a different path that you thought you were on.

It’s a difficult path to take and understand because many people want to take the power from their spiritual work and make their life nice.

And there is a grief when you who you thought you were starts to disappear.

The game is not about becoming somebody, its about becoming nobody.

When you take off your mask its easier for everyone else to take theirs off.

Mask removal. (great photo of me with a mask in Tokyo)

Our cultures are mask-driven.

The irony of masks; we wear a mask believing others will love us because we wear the mask.

We don’t really want to be around energies and people who appreciate the masks. When we take the masks off, that’s where you find the people who truly love us and want to be around us.

We are living in a time where its becoming acceptable that people will die. We can speak about death. We surround people that are dying with a falseness that comes out of our own fear.

As a sick woman on her death bed gets told she’s improving, yet outside the door they discuss she won’t live another week, how sad. The pain that as a human makes a transition - they are surrounded with deception.

Be in the presence of truth.

It’s an amazing way to wake up daily and know you will be in the presence of truth with who you are authentically.

Self-absorbed suffering egos; eats away at those who have this hard shell around them. Where they are complaining of everything in their life, and making it all about them.

Doctors are eager to take peoples pains away.

But see the way in which pain deepens compassion and pain awakens.

Death is absolutely safe. - Jesus Christ

When you see the moment of death as a moment of release; like taking off a tight shoe - is that the movement of death you are neither grabbing at life, nor pushing it away.

Not pushing nor pulling.

It’s the attraction and the aversion that keeps you holding to form.

To prepare for the moment of death when the processes that go on in consciousness are a dissolving of boundaries, a speeding up of awareness, an opening and an expanding - to be in this process to of not resisting.

One prepares for the moment of death.

Sometimes seeking in itself is an expression of lack.

An abundance of lack.

Plans of consciousness = channels on a television set.

One or two-channel set with no cable; but there is infinite channels.

We cannot pick them up because we cannot tune our receiver.

Signs are now here don’t get lost in the detail let your awareness go free just recognize what adventure this transformation is the appreciation of death and the spiritual journey.

After death is the prerequisite for living life joyfully now does not have to be treated as an enemy for you to delight in life, keeping death present in your consciousness as one of the greatest mysteries, and is the moment of incredible transformation with richness and energy that otherwise is used up in denial.

I encourage you to make peace with death to see it as the culminating adventure of this adventure called life.

It is not an error.

It is not failure, it is a tight shoe which you have worn well.

Find the way in the morning, and gladly die in the evening.

It is in the mystical literature, so I encourage you to explore your being part of you is on those other channels on channels and the world series comes to its final chapters, you won’t be caught in feeling loss, but rather the adventure.

Live life, fully and richly as a partner with God, and at the same moment, don’t be afraid of the next thing to go towards.

Remember we are spiritual beings having an earthly experience.

Go within to go without.

Find your soul.

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