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Romans 10:17: "so faith comes from hearing, that is, hearing the good news about Christ."

Believing faith does not come ultimately from

the believer's witness but from the word of God.

Faith comes from hearing the Gospel.

Whatever religion you choose identify with, doesn't matter it's about the word and the fruit.

How do we receive a divine download?

There are various forms Divine Downloads can come in.

A stranger, a noise, a conversation you overheard, a movie, numerology, a friend you haven’t seen in years, and even a billboard sign.

We are always receiving Divine Downloads, and I think we can be more intentional about making the time and space for them – through self care and spirituality.

And most importantly creating the quiet spaces with which we can look within.

How are you receiving your Divine Downloads?

How are you connecting to Source – God, Buddha, Eggun, Allah, Oshun, your Higher Self, the Universe?

And when you are receiving this guidance from the Divine – ARE YOU LISTENING THE THEM?

Do you see the synchronicities?

Like most downloads, it’s a process.

First you have to accept the download and it’s risks – Will this download hurt me to hear at first? Do I trust its message?

Then you wait for the download to complete.

This is where you learn patience.

Then you have to actively open it, read it and internalize the message.

How do I connect myself with God?

Ask, Seek, Knock.

Matthew 6:33: "But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you."

For me, I've spent a few months in solitude as I battled Giants as mentioned in: GOD, ME + MY TESTIMONY

Therefore, I spent most of time working on healing myself, and learning how to hear His Voice clearly.

This led to an incredible relationship I've built with Him that anyone can do as well. the amazing thing about our Father is we all can have a strong unique relationship. You just have to seek it.

He's always waiting.

Don't just come to Him when you're stressed, worried, or upset.

Don't ever blame him for your troubles as he is not one to punish you and you must understand He wants the best for us. Sometimes heartbreaking life events happen (trust me I know): deaths, illness, unexplained circumstances of unfortunate events, but it's not for punishing you or anyone else.

I don't have nor think I'll ever be able to answer that for anyone but for my own life. As I have come to appreciate and understand the good and bad in my life.

It's all part of the divine plan.

Sometimes it makes no sense. But we must seek Him to understand.

My Divine Download process:

My morning and night routines consist of meditation and prayer. Where I get my "divine downloads" in the examples below these are scriptures He shows me through many mediums and take notes. Then study each one to understand what He is communicating.

It is different for all of us.

Try meditating and prayer.

Try building that relationship with Him.

as I say:

Go within to go Without


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