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Let's talk about the LOW VIBRATIONAL HUMANS who roam this Earth.

I made this term up, but here is the best definition of what these entities are and how to define them. These humans are AKA haters.

Low Vibrational Human: a human who vibrates at lower frequency and is consumed by negative energy

Figuring out how to deal with these lower vibrational humans is really difficult. No matter how hard you try to please, accommodate, bend, and mind ya own business, there will always be people who don’t like you. It is what it is.

Most won't tell you to your face. Others will show you through their actions. These humans use the level to which they can manipulate and control your emotional weather as a temporary bandage for their own insecurities.

You could be the nicest, kindest, selfless human who dedicates their life to the most worthy, selfless cause and there will still be people who:

  • Attack you.

  • Gossip about you.

  • Underestimate you.

  • Backstab you.

  • Attempt to tear you down.

  • Hate you.

  • Make fun of you.

It doesn't matter though. These people will steal from and stalk you while they continue to critique you and smile in your face. They will stop at nothing to destroy you and your reputation – no matter how well you know them, don’t know them, or how loyal you’ve been to them this lifetime.

A low vibrational human doesn’t have to be some anonymous person or someone who you don’t personally know. This type of hater can be anyone in your close circle, a family member, friend, co-worker, boss, even your someone you're dated or denied. These people can also be very passive aggressive, competitive, and send you mix signals. You could have a long history with this person. You could have been good to, generous with, and trusting of them.

Embody the essence of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Matthew 5:41: "If anyone forces you to go a mile, go with them two."

We’ve all experienced this at one point. What I’ve learned from it all is that no matter what you do, there will always be people who have an allergic reaction to you and your happiness. They’ll even go to the extent to blame you for somehow creating that allergy.

And you need to know how to deal with these people or it will rob you of your time, energy, and peace. Take it from a woman who has lived a life full of "adversity" and pain, and still came up on top. It wasn't always that way y'all. Its a new-found energy I want to help you develop.

Knowing how to deal with toxic humans is one thing. It’s hard. Unless you learn how to transmute your pain and the toxicity thrown at you into alchemy and create your own abundance with pushing yourself past the threshold of the pain.

use your pain to propel you into your passion and purpose. transmute the pain.

Little by little though, I do it and in the process, I build self-respect.

Suddenly the results start to show. I see progress and results begin to show.

I've become unf*ckwithable, with no f*cks left to give from my f*cks basket.

I then start to see results in my life because I’m no longer a paranoid emotional accountant – I’m an unbothered, unf*ckwithable force who is more anxious to get to the light at the end of the tunnel than cry/claim blind from the temporary shade thrown by any hater in the tunnel.


One thing that amazes me every day is that at a time where it’s easier than ever to anonymously hate, be overly offended, abusive, and jump to conclusions about who you are, where you came from, and what you cooked for dinner last night.

I’m sure that as my business will grow, there will be more toxic humans. Not because I’ll change as a person at all, but because there will simply be more to hate. The field will be larger. And that’s okay. It used to really scare me, but I’ve finally gotten to a point that as 2PAC says:


HOW TO DEAL WITH low vibrational humans 101:

1. Respond Accordingly and Never React

Let me start by saying; WHAT PEOPLE THINK AND FEEL ABOUT YOU is none of your business.

Which means; good or bad, whatever someone says or does to you is always going to reflect how they feel about themselves.


Insecure people will project on you what insecurities they feel themselves. Especially if they do not know how to go within to go without. Don't believe anything everyone says about you. This is why it is important to know yourself.

When you know yourself, no one can tell you who you are not.

Reactivity is the easiest way to show how bothered you are and how malleable your belief system is in regard to yourself.

Responding is rooted in action and the denominator of action is power.

Jesus Christ was unpredictable because he ACTED and never REACTED.

Be like Jesus Christ


I used to joke when I'd here chatter about me from others and say "wow you know more about me than I do!"

As I said in a previous post I am a bully magnet. Or my light just sadly irritates the demons in others that it leads to excessive gossipers, slanderers, and all those lower vibrational humans that roam in the cesspool.

You only have one life. Don’t waste it on subscribing to the belief that anyone knows you better than YOU.

I wouldn't be at my stage in life pursing my passion and living my dream out of I stayed stuck on what Karmic Ken and Karen had to say about what they think about me.

If you have those types of individuals in your life I say: grab a ticket and take a seat.

The art of war is key here.

Don't go to war with fools.

And silence is the best tactic.


“The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference.”

My whole life I've conjured up H8ers. It sounds silly and even arrogant but I say this in sincere humble manner. I truly do not understand why and how people hate on others.

I truly do not.

  • I wake up at 4 am every morning

  • I pray, meditate, and set intention for the day

  • I exercise, stretch, go for a 1-2 hour walk

  • I get my day started with writing and creative projects till lunch time

  • I go for multiple walks a day regardless if I am home or traveling

  • I work on communicating with customers, engage on social media, and if I have business meetings I tend to those in the evenings

By the time my day is wrapping up, I make dinner, connect with family and friends, and prepare for my following days with intention

This is not even including other fun activities I add into my day - I say this because I don't know how the f*ck people MAKE or DELEGATE TIME to hate, stalk, and spy on others. LOL.

When people hate, are jealous, and spew toxicity, it’s because they are scared. And they are projecting that fear onto you in a hateful way. Scared people scare people just like hurt people wounded delusional people.

The only temporary pacifier to their permanent fear is proving to themselves that they can incite fear and inadequacy in the one person who incites fear and inadequacy in them and sometimes

Let toxic people do their thing and avoid making any further investments because the payout has proven to be nowhere near what you will invest.

Focus on improving yourself daily.

You are your competition.

You can't compete where you don't compare.


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