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"La Vie En Andrea, LLC" | Understanding Life Through Painting Pt. 2

In order to understand this story, you'll have to read this: On March 2022 I wrote Pt. 1 of “La Vie en Rose” read here.

And just like THAT. I created a masterpiece on 2.2.23.

Have you ever had a day full of synchronicities? A day where the universe uncovers things that resonate with you. Those things that you’ve had for years and never saw the connection till you are shown how to connect the dots. Yes? No?

Simplified definition; its divine timing, serendipity, destiny. Orchestrated and planned by the Divine.

This week I realized I was still missing a piece to the puzzle and it was to be found while creating on the blank canvas.

Once it was completed I would have the finalized story. This process was bittersweet as the shedding phase was completed. I envisioned a butterfly would slowly break out a cocoon and go to the backyard to PAINT. Sh was no longer a caterpillar chasing a future that didn't have meaning or purpose, for her.

The caterpillar 🦋 that took the leap of faith with courage into the unknown.

Pioneering and discovering the unknown, just like her favorite MCs pioneered hip-hop in the early 80’s-90’s.

Butterflies, French phrases, French Tost, colors, art galore!

I was living my own La Vie en Rainbow Colored Glasses Again. 🌈


Today when I stepped outside with a large blank canvas it was time to complete a mission. I was on a mission to close a chapter and collect the missing puzzle piece to the story I would tell.

Fun fact: I went and started FRENCH TOST the handbags one weekend when I painted so much that the fumes made me dizzy. I didn’t know what to do with my hands: aha! Order patches and patch stuff. TA-DA FRENCH TOST, the brand was born. I left the paints and brushes and moved onto the next thing.

This piece I snuck in after not knowing what to do with my hands. I named the piece “Girl Interrupted”. Yes, and no not like the movie. I actually haven’t watched it.

Symbolism; no identity, no hands, no eyes, and with no where to go. My unconscious self was screaming for help clearly back then.

Girl Interrupted represented: quick unfulfilled childhood, growing up too fast, having to toughen up at 15 years old and fight for a greater life, always finishing something and never finishing it.


1) I have ADHD. I don’t take medication as it suppressed my artistic side. My best ideas come in many forms all at once FYI.

2) Because I never embodied what my new phrase this year; MAIN CHARACTER ENERGY fully meant. I was also going for the Academy Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role . Look at the definition. “Supporting role” no kidding. I always put others before me out of the love in my heart. My heart has grown even more and it’s now filled with a love for the little girl who was interrupted while she was still playing with her Barbies.

This little girl is my inspiration, hero, best friend, and everything I do - I think of her.

If no one knew my story and upbringing they would never guess what my walk of life has been like. I carried it all gracefully. You could call me a "Regular" at rock bottom, in many of my years. It was common place in my teens to early 20’s, I learned to get comfortable there, become agile, and productive.

Thanks to MATTEL and Barbie, she always believed she could be anything and everything she desired.

The plot twist in my life was now the universe and God was blessing that little girl by INTERRUPTING her again from her busy chaotic professional career she had before. She wasn’t fulfilled.

She did enjoy her career helping patients on the best pacemakers and insulin pumps she sold. However, she always felt there was more.

"Retiring" from corporate at 28 on her birthday was the blessing.

At first I didn’t understand what was happening in December. Nor when I was 14. Now I do with my rainbow colored glasses on.

I have always been preparing to be ready for the curtain call. This was my film, my book, my story, my art, all produced, sponsored, and created by none other than me. This wasn’t the typical predictable happy ending story.

This was a story that I wished I had read about while growing up. I couldn’t relate to any sitcom, or movie. It wasn’t real life for me and I couldn't resonate other than being Lizzy McGuire's other friend in the show. LOL get it?

And guess what,…. Hate to break it to the young ladies watching Disney. But there is a 50/50 chance that waiting around for "Prince Charming" to come save the day and rescue you.

My mantra: If you wait for anyone, to go somewhere, you'll never go anywhere.

Great news, you're not a TREE. Move. I was okay with that too. I wasn’t meant to be a Princess anyway. Princesses needed saving in every story. PLUS, not all of us ladies are born into "royalty". But that doesn't mean we can't build our own kingdom by working your ass off to build the dream for yourself.

Queens did not need saving.

They saved themselves and built their castle. Queen's embodied Main Character Energy.

I am not a fan of happy predictable endings. Boring.

Putting this piece together with the full picture of colors made me complete as I do feel that now, here today.

Today I am fully present and feeling like the little girl missing the two crayons 🖍️ got even luckier. If someone would of told her 13 years ago “hey don’t worry, you are missing two crayons. HOWEVER, if you wait and toughen it out work on some other arts and crafts in the meantime, I the future you’ll not only get those 2 crayons, but they will be the glitter crayon edition!” Sold.

And just like that. La Vie en Andrea, LLC was born. This was the path on the yellow brick road that lead me to my second LLC for my business, life coaching, and writing career I’ve recently launched.

It was now time for me to seek to change the world and encourage who I crossed paths with to have faith and courage.

To get in the cocoon and become a butterfly. The world needs saving, inspiration, and relatable people who are willing to share their story.

Becoming a butterfly 🦋 was beautiful experience. But my PASSION and PURPOSE in this lifetime was to inspire others to become great and see what I see in them. My toolbox now had the life experience, expertise, and cheat codes to life for this.

To be continued……




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