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Life Update: A Letter from Rock Bottom

Anyone else feel like they had a heavy rough 2022? My 2022 year in overview; a catalyst for my growth on another level. For me, a "courageous" woman, I didn't know I'd handle what I thought was my world, my identity, and even loved ones I trusted and kept close all just disappear one day to the next. It happened the day before my 28th birthday, December 1st. I was given news of changes to my five year career at a company I envisioned myself retiring at. "The only constant, is change" right?

Its been a little over a month now that the tower moment happened. I'd say I have risen from the rock bottom of bikini bottom. But it wasn't easy. I spent the last month trying to find my purpose in how I want to leave my legacy on this earth. There is one thing that isn't changing or hasn't, that is my purpose in life; to help others and be the help I wish I had growing up to now being 28 years old.

Yes, with an MBA, BBA, and a stellar career in five years of being a new undergraduate I could easily find a new job at a handful of amazing companies. But I decided to choose the road less traveled and become a pioneer.

Why? Because I want to be the guinea pig and show the world that you can be courageous and most importantly, have strong faith in God who will always have your back. My faith has never been stronger with Him. The key to having this faith and blossoming so confidently in it is the rule of life; be a good HUMAN.

Being a good human when no one and every one is watching. When you are good to others and yourself, everything will always be OK. That's the rule. When people call me "lucky" I can't help but to correct them. No, I don't believe in "LUCK". To me it seems like a made up belief society has placed to blame for when you're not "lucky" and don't want to be accountable. What you put out in the world is what you will receive back. That is just one of the laws of the universe. Balance will always be restored. It may take some time, maybe months or years. But balance will always be restored.

I'm excited to share my 100's of blog posts over the years I've been writing in journals both on paper and digitally. I want to share the "Cheat Codes" to life and how I have managed to succeed with them and now taking a chance on myself for once. I hope to inspire, help, and most importantly provide any support to anyone who feels lost in life, or their next move, or choices. I am no licensed professional but I can bring value from countless of encounters who seem to think so, and share with you the knowledge and wisdom I have acquired regardless of time on this earth. It is your choice to take or to ignore. I am not here to force my beliefs and views on others. I am just putting myself out into the world in hopes to fulfill my mission in life of helping others.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. I hope to celebrate successes, and continue this as long as I am around. I look forward to working with some of you who will give me the pleasure to. The World is YOURS.




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