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Wisdom I’ve Gained in 27 Years

I am 6 months into my 28th year of life here on Earth this lifetime. I felt it was appropriate to share with the world the wisdom I have acquired during my time here.

I'm an ancient soul living this lifetime in my 28 year old body.

We all have wisdom acquired through our trials and tribulations in life. It doesn't matter how many physical years you've been on this Earthly 3D realm.

We all have a soul (unless you're wicked and sold it) lol

But the soul has many lifetimes.

Some humans can be ancient souls like myself.

When you tune in with the Universal frequency and the highest vibration, see here about the Law of Vibration.

I've learned that we can only escape from this world by outgrowing the world.



Death may take our human self out of the world, however it is only the wisdom that can truly take the world out of the human.

As long as the human being is obsessed by worldliness, he will suffer from the Karmic consequences of false allegiances.

If and when worldliness is transmuted into Spiritual Integrity, the human is set free.

Here are my Top Lessons of Wisdom & Street Knowledge:

1. Walk your own path and appreciate your own journey

We all have a unique story.

A story that separates you from the others.

This is your Unique Value Proposition when you sell yourself in an interview for a job, in a personal brand for a product, and when dating and seeking your lifetime partner.

Be proud of your story, who you are, how you got here today, and all the scar tissue that has healed from your battle wounds in the battle field of life.

2. Rule your mind or it will rule you

This wisdom nugget I acquired from the book: The Tao of Wu by the RZA.

Its the Taoism philosophy.

Your mind is powerful.

You must learn how to control your mind and not let society, humans, and worldly things manipulate it.

Think of your mind as a spaceship - you're in the control panel.

Don't let anything nor anyone hijack it.

All it takes is a thought.

Wake up.

3. Fail Fast, Learn Faster

I see no failure as it leads to growth.

Learn that failure is not a person but an experience.

Adversity is a part of life.

We must experience pain to evolve and grow in this life.

There is no Enlightenment without suffering.

4. Learn to forgive those who never apologized

Jesus said on the cross "Forgive them Father for they know not what they do."

That always give me chills all over.

The pain our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ suffered for our sins.

God, who is unconditionally loving, expects us to be that way as well. Regardless of how much someone has betrayed and hurt you.

Believe me, I've had lovers, friends, and family I never thought would have stolen from me, betrayed me in many ways, and it was actually for my higher purpose.

I forgive. I send them love. And forgive myself for allowing it.

Yet I end up truly happy when I forgive and pray to God about it.

Forgive and thank those who hurt you as they propelled you into your purpose and highest self.

Forgiveness benefits two people-the giver and the receiver

5. Be grateful every day, that is the source of true power

I practice what I preach.

And I have been practicing mindfulness, gratitude in journaling daily, and affirmations that raise my vibration.

Being grateful daily and not on the Thanksgiving holiday is imperative to continuous abundance.

6. You never really lose until you stop trying

Remember that failure is an event, not a person.

7. Make yourself necessary and you will always be needed

Always be a person of value.

Value isn't replaceable.

Great heroes are truly humble, don't underrate the importance of humility

8. Be kind and compassionate.

Help others every chance you get.

Give back and be the miracle or answered prayer for someone in need.

Don't allow the voice of your fears be louder than the other voice in your head

9. Take care of your character

Above all things you must be a person of character and your reputation will take care of itself

10. Reflect and celebrate yourself often

We tend to neglect and celebrate ourselves.

We can be our worst enemy.

Take time daily to reflect.

Every day had a win if you find it.

11. The way you treat others determines the way others treat you;

The way others treat you determines the way you see yourself, the way you see yourself determines who you are

12. Have patience for the process, love the process,

Slow down and remember that there is a life to be lived in between the dashes.

13. When you feel like giving up on yourself, remember how far you've come

Learn to rest, not quit.

Rest on those dreams, but don't give up.

14. Only those who adapt survive



Grow through what you go through.

Be agile and adapt. It's natural law. We must adjust and always continue on this path.

If you wait for others, you'll never get anywhere

15. Be courageous!

If you are scared to do things, do them anyway.

There is not courage without fear

16. 5 P's: Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

"It's in losing yourself that you find yourself: greatest challenge is in life is discovering who you are, the second greatest is being happy with what you find"

Be curious

A quote I chose in middle school:

"If your dreams don't scare you, they're not big enough"

17. Leave things better than you found them…especially people.

Hug the hurt,

kiss the broken,

befriend the lost,

love the lonely.

Leave a legacy

Most importantly: live, don't exist

And praise God this life as He blessed us all 🤍


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