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The Most Valuable Lesson I’ve learned from traveling the world solo

My motto for the last six years has been:


So I go everywhere.

If loved ones can make it, great. Otherwise I went. Last week I decided to spontaneously or normal behavior for me; to hop on a plane and head to Tokyo. For a couple business reasons but most importantly to be back in my favorite country.

I experienced the Japanese culture in May 2019. Then COVID hit. The country, trip, and experience left a profound mark on me; literally got a tattoo on my wrist with a Japanese spelling of strength.

I spent a week in pure disconnection to society, humans, and responsibilities. I stayed in Kyoto and Shinjuku. In Kyoto I stayed at a traditional Ryokan hotel. It was legit and cultured. Just my style. Cooler part was samurais traditionally would stop at ryokans to rest in between battles. I was after all a Wounded Warrior.


I used to run from my problems, situations, people, stress and go travel a few years ago. This year I felt I wasn't running, right? Just had the privilege to get up and go as I please being self employed. Yea, SPONTANEOUS trip here we go.

It was when I arrived and spent a full day there that I realized..... I was running from myself this time.

OH SELF-LOVE and healing. It's a never ending journey. But now I've gotten quicker and discerning certain patterns.

Self-Love and growth is my favorite actually.

I love to learn, grow; and use experiences in my life to find beauty somehow. even if its after a heart wrenching event.

It was okay, but I couldn't run from me. So, I took MYSELF to the best stringed, temples, meditated, spent time in nature, baths, and caught up on sleep that I needed. It couldn't have been a better healing environment.

The epiphany, reflection and alone time I was able to have helped me heal. And just made things that didn't make sense in my life come to a full circle.

Life is beautiful.

god is amazing.

The beauty of turning pain into power.

Using pain to propel you forward.

My life has taught me how to transmute pain into new swords and weapons that make me undefeated.

The question you need to ask yourself: Do you love to win or hate to lose?

I hate losing.

I never lose. Because I learn. My failures I turn into WISDOM.

Lost in Translation | Bill Murray and Scarlette Johansson - this scene is my favorite.

Bill quoted:

"Sometimes we have to travel half way across the world to figure out who we are."

Yea? But even better... I've had this belief every time I traveled which is the BEST LESSON OF ALL time:

We leave not to see the world 🌎 , but to come back to a new one.

The return flight is usually my favorite as I soak up the photos, and write about what I experienced. I appreciated being HOME in the states wherever I lived because I saw things in a different light and perspective.

AFTER A LONG TRIP IN TOKYO, being in solitude and actually (seriously) HEARING MYSELF THINK. LOL.

I came to the realization...that at times we are living for the future. At least I was sometimes. I was searching for the next best thing, next best role, career, lover, friend, better person, the future, "when I lose 10lbs, or when I graduate blah blah" .

Why not today? I overlooked being PRESENT. Being still. We don't see that much in society today. Everyone is glued to their phones, iPads, shit....I got rid of my Apple Watch 2 years ago as it was TOO MUCH. Our culture now in society is to be available and accessible to everyone. No, thanks.

I encourage all of you to try switching the lens next time you go on a trip. TAKE TIME TO BE STILL. You can search around the world like I have to find what you're looking for inside you. (Oh that's deep).

FOMO is a thing.

A real toxic thing.

As someone who's been to many places around the world alone: listen to my advice.

It'll save you a lot of what if thinking of the future or past.

Just be present.

Sometimes even in relationships with friends or a lover we think we can replace certain people or situations

when the best might be right in front of you.

Be still. Open your eyes and see the world in a different lens.


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