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The year is 2023 and I am sure you have heard of, experienced, or dated a Narcissist.

They are charming, witty, and they know how to attack THEIR PREY.

My story involves a real Norman Bates from Psycho, American Psycho, and all of the characters from the LIFETIME Original movies that seem absolutely absurd yet terrifying.

Well, I want to state my case with research on the spiritual side of narcissists and what demonic possession can look like. Now, before I continue and start getting weird facial reactions from you on what I am explaining please understand that I am not here to influence your religious beliefs, spiritual practices, and give any professional advice.

I am simply a speaking from experience. You can call me an entertainer.

However, let's not be naive, these award-winning movies had to come from real life experience.

As a creative you will see my work in film and a novel I wrote on my traumatic experience cause it was like a damn movie.

A Narcissist can be female or male.

I have encountered both.

I recently was a victim to a truly sociopathic, psychopathic, terrifying man. I had experienced a narcissist before in relationships but this was a paranormal type of experience. My body felt uneasy around him, I would get body aches and head aches just being around him for over an hour.

Psychopathy is a neuropsychiatric disorder marked by deficient emotional responses, lack of empathy, and poor behavioral controls, commonly resulting in persistent antisocial deviance and criminal behavior. (Read about psychopaths here)

I felt horrible as I truly loved and cared for this friend. As an empath who wants to heal everyone, I wanted to heal this man's wounds. The scariest moment was when he would have these outrageous outburst of anger and I saw a terrifying side of him.

His inner-child was screaming for help when I met him.


That has gotten me in trouble though as some people don't want to heal.

I had no clue by the end of the friendship who this person was anymore. I even began to start reprogramming the memories in my head because they were false.

The last memory of him was him stealing from my home, and not saying goodbye. I was confused, but I didn't know real psychopaths exist and that they truly have a chemical imbalance in the brain and lack an empathy gene.

It terrified so much so, that I would joke with him and ask if he was a serial killer.

Because I had done my own medical research as I couldn't understand what was wrong this man, this was before understanding a demon was actually possessing him.

Serial Killers lack an empathy gene. It mortified me for some time. My family saw a negative influence this person's aura had and just the stronghold of manipulation tactics they tried to project onto to me.

So, I did my research and after seeing he had many of the signs of a true psychopath I decided to start my exit strategy.

Common traits of a psychopath include:

  • Poor family life and upbringing

  • Being sexually abused as a child

  • They're intelligent

  • Have mother / father trauma

  • Voyeurism

  • Substance abuse


Narcissistic abuse doesn't get much attention because it seems to fall under the women negative perception, the MeToo feminist movement etc.

I don't have a view point on that but want to highlight behaviors and share my own personal story from defeating, escaping, and healing the PTSD from this 2 year friendship with a Narcissist.


Narcissistic individuals are a sign of a demonic entities that have attached themselves to the vessel of someone. It varies from person to person on when they were infected. But there is a common force between narcissists that show that demonic possession isn't a coincidence


We like to believe in the supernatural only when it seems convenient for us to.

We love Halloween, scary movies, and believe in such demonic things like The BoogeyMan.

Not understanding that what we are consuming can:

  1. Open up portals in your aura that invite demonic presence (learn more here from Pastor Vlad from HUNGRYGEN)

  2. Can conjure up demonic entities to haunt you in the physical realm if you are not careful

Beyond those traits they act in wickedness, ooze a bad vibration, and their eyes reveal a darkness that is supernatural. These demonic presences posses the vessel and the Host becomes anxious, thinks the world is against them, not realizing the danger is within them.

Just like narcissist need validation, preying on others to suffer, and seeking ego strokes. The demonic possession is like a parasite that haunts their thoughts that are not their own.

Unfortunately, the threat is within them.

A narcissist will only change when they decide to face the demon within them that has been with him for so long. That's why narcissist will not change, unless they want to face the demon that's been in them for so long.


The religious covert narcissist are the most dangerous ones.

THESE Demons are real

They tie in a good bible verse, claim they are God loving, and they even go to church. They act holy and religious yet they are devils in disguise.

Remember: they're great actors. Academy Award 🎭 type of performance.

Why do they use Religion?

Because they seek validation and want to be liked and adored. Above all they want people to trust them. Because once you trust them, they are able to convince you of anything.

Once you trust them, you will believe their lies. Once you trust them they can manipulate you and they can use you because they have your trust. They can get away with evil right under your nose.

In the church, it could be the pastor, worship leader, or those older ladies that think they own the church, and the people in it, just because they've been attending the church their whole life.

The narcissist tend to hold some permanent position in the church. Usually its the leaders, and those that are volunteering to do some thing because they want to be in the spotlight for something, and want to be recognized for some thing.

Now, they're strategic. They want to be in the church. They have others to validate them in case anyone questions their integrity.

Religious institutions are the ideal hunting grounds for a narcissist. This gives the narcissist the opportunity to pretend to be the good person that you are looking for.

Because they are at church every Sunday or they can quote scripture very well, it can blind due to the fact that they are not what they seem.

They are actually agents of darkness.

And gets better, these religious narcissist, actually play out to make you believe that they believe in God and worship God. Narcissist, think they control their lives, and Destiny, and even have a god complex all the time. They crave control remember?


Narcissist are foolish enough that they're fooling the people at the church and that they're able to fool God as well.

Bad idea.

This is where demonic possession is evident.

Not everyone who says they are of God is. Protect your heart and protect your wallet.

These narcissists are out to kill, steal, and destroy.

I fear God.

The world is at it's peak of darkness right now.

Rape, murder, suicide, unwanted pregnancies, depression, addiction, overindulgence, low-self esteem, FEAR, paranoia, betrayal, theft, gang stalking, drug wars, and this isn't even a third of it.

It breaks my heart.

Something needs to change immediately.

We need to help each other heal ourselves and most importantly Mother Earth, Gaia.

It's not a time to be selfish.

We should be working on securing a planet that future generations can experience.

You can catch up with what my thoughts on my series OPERATION MODERN DOOMSDAY here.

Be a good human.

Put good out into the world.

Give love.

Give kindness.

Give free advice.

Give a free smile.

I've dated narcissist a few times in my life.

One would ask, "WHY?"

Well, I had Daddy Issues that I had to face in my early 20's as I was attracting these energy vampires due to the lack of consistent love in my upbringing.

It made me the perfect prey for a narcisssist.

I confused "caring" for controlling.

I confused love bombing for actual genuine love.

I was truly confused. Because I was confused about who I was, my worth, and what the root of the issue was.

I can finally say I healed from a long period of narcissistic abuse, have done the shadow work, and overcame the pain and suffering.

I am using my adversity to help others with a survival guide I wish I had.

I am launching complimentary resources for self-love, healing, CTSPD, inner-child healing course work and content to help others heal.

Stay in Faith and Prayer,

God always protects those who do good and believe in him.

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